410. Driver roll up the partition

  • Author's note: This is for the anon who requested smut. I wasn't sure what exactly you wanted so I just kind of thought of this song. Hope this is okay. So be warned lots of smut!
  • Harry- "Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged": When you got back to the limo you had just about enough. You were rolling up the partition by the time Harry slid into the car. Once the car was moving and safely away from the flashes you dropped to your knees in front of Harry's lap. Your fingertips dug into his thighs making their way high and higher, "love, whaddderyoudoin'?" Harry's hips bucked forward giving you better access. "You drive me crazy in that suit. You know that?" You said eagerly whilst you fumbled with buckles, buttons, and zippers. Once you freed him of all restrictions you licked a long line from his base to the tip, lightly flicking your tongue against the slit. "Fuckinn 'ell," Harry groaned. You took him in your mouth, bobbing at an achingly slow pace. You looked up at him as you took in his whole length. He was gnawing on his knuckles trying to keep quiet. "Right there babygirl" he grunted when his tip reached the back of you throat. You let him linger for a second as you hummed lightly, the vibrations making him toes curls. "I need to cum," his words were hardly audible. You obediently continued, picking up speed as with each bob, finishing him off in record time. Harry's thumbs whipped away the running makeup from under your eyes, "I'm gonna have to wear suits more often."
  • Liam- "Oh there daddy, d-daddy didn't bring the towel. Oh baby, b-baby we slow it down": You and Liam were at an after party for the brit awards. One Direction won every award they were nominated for so the boys were celebrating on cloud nine. After multiple rounds of shots with the lads Liam came up behind you, his hands riding dangerously low on your hips as his sucked just below your ear. "We're leaving." He grabbed your hand and pulled you quickly through the crowds and straight into the limo. He pulled you onto his lap before the car even started moving. The driver took his queue and rolled up the partition. He kissed you hard but slow. His hands moved slowly up the arch of your back finding you hair and giving it a light tug. You started to nibble on his plump bottom lip and grinded against him, both in desperate need for friction, Liam groaned in your mouth. You pulled away leaving a trail of kisses across his jawline and down his neck, stopping to leave your mark. Your tongue found the patch of skin just under his ear as you slowed down your pace. "Babe..Please..You gotta slow down." He pleaded with you. But you were having to much fun. Your hand traced down his chest to his hardening member, palming it gently. "You like that Daddy?"
  • Louis- Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up. We ain't even gonna make it to this club: "Love! C'mon, we're already late!" Louis yelled from downstairs. "I'll meet you in the car!" You yelled back and slid into your heels before taking one last look at yourself. You were wearing a tiny red dress that clung to your body in all the right places. Pleased with your appearance you made the way to the limo waiting for you. Louis leaned against the side waiting, you could see his face drop when he saw you. When you approached him he hadn't moved a muscle. He stood looking at you with his bottom lip grinding between his teeth. "Lou.." He jumped, "right!" He opened the door, enjoying the view as you got in. He didn't bother looking for the words to tell you how amazing you looked. He lunged towards you grabbing the back of your head pulling you into his hungry kiss. You pushed him away, "Lou! I spent forever getting ready, you're gonna mess it up." He pulled you back into the kiss only for you to push him away again. "Seriously Lou!" He got on his knees in front of you. He grabbed your knees and slowly pried them open. His fingers snaked up your thighs and hooked onto your panties pulling them off slowly. He postioned himself between you, and licked his lips, "I don't think we're gonna make it out tonight..."
  • Niall- He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse: You knew what this outfit did to Niall but you still wore it out tonight, and you could tell it was driving him mad, claiming you look like a sexy secretary or something. He didn't say one word to you on the way back to the car, just walked with a smug look on his face. You slid into the car with Niall soon behind you. "Ni, what's..." But he cut you off. He kissed you hungrily. When he pulled away you could see the lust in his eyes. He bit his lip before he ripped open your blouse. You yelped. "This is my fav.." But he didn't let you finish, "You know what this does to me." His mouth connected with the exposed collarbone while his hands worked your breasts, pulling them out of your lacy bra. "Ya had me hard all night." he groaned before teasing your nipples with his mouth. His hands started roaming down your torso and up your skirt, cupping you through your panties. "You're gonna pay for dis..." His hot breath against your wet nipple sent shivers down your spine. "You're not gonna cum 'til we get home. Got it love?"
  • Zayn- Handprints and footprints on my glass, handprints and good grips all on my ass: The idea of having to keep quiet to avoid getting caught was one of yours and Zayns favorites. So you weren't surprised when he pulled you to his lap on the way home from an award show. Your legs found their spot on either sides of his lap, one hand traveled to the back of his head, finding a handful of hair. He kissed you slow and full of passion, like there wasn't a thin partition separating you two and a stranger. Your hips grinded down against the hardening member in his slacks, the friction only leaving you wanting more. His hands traced down your back and stopped at your bum, giving it a good squeeze. His mouth found practically every inch of exposed skin on your neck and chest. He licked, bit, and sucked on the skin intently as his hand found your center, making sure to tease you until you couldn't take it. When he pushed in two digits your free hand found stability on the foggy window, leaving a shaky handprint like titanic. A moan slipped past your parted lips. "Gotta keep quiet if you wanna cum babe."
  • Written by: Anna